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Should I user Wordpress or laravel For my new News Sites ?
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10 months ago

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WordPress, as the most popular CMS, is often a good first choice for the project. Of course, it is not fit for everyone.

Generally speaking, WordPress is usually the no.1 choice if:

  • The project falls under the category of content-based portals such as blogs/newspapers.
  • The market has available WordPress plugins with the necessary quality/security and functionality to suit software requirements.
  • The founder of the startup wants to test the market and to create the first version of the website fast/cheap with a stripped-down functionality. In this case, WordPress can be useful as a prototype and platform for a minimal viable product.

Some non-tech managers believe WordPress is better than any frameworks because WordPress as a pre-built CMS has a great admin panel (user-friendly interface), so each non-tech staff member can update the website without developers. The truth is that if it's necessary to have a WordPress-like admin panel, then it will be developed easily with a framework. It is also easy to find a Laravel developer - the market is quite wide.

As Jake Goldman, the owner of WordPress-centric digital agency 10up (California), puts in his blog: “Pushing WordPress to a client in the face of clearly better-suited alternative is, from my perspective, tantamount to professional malpractice.”


When making a decision on the use of WordPress, security vulnerabilities of the WordPress core and plugins should be considered. Just get a quick overview of the widely known cases:

Security vulnerabilities of WordPress mean that it is important to constantly update the WordPress core and plugins (which implies hidden costs). Well-developed Laravel-based websites are more secure and do not need constant updates. Laravel uses custom code and has built-in functions for encryption and protecting against common vulnerabilities.

Moreover, Laravel 5.2 is fully compatible with PHP 7. This newest version of the language makes web applications faster and more secure. And it requires fewer servers to handle the same amount of requests per second, which reduces hosting expenses. At the same time, most of the themes and plugins of WordPress are not fully compatible with PHP 7. Moving WordPress website from PHP 5 to PHP 7 can also be a time-consuming endeavor.



Development with a framework is a bit expensive in the first investment and cheaper in the long run compared with WordPress development and customization. Maybe it does make sense to invest in proper custom architecture with Laravel or another suitable framework from the outset