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1. Write Article or Blog

You can write article on interesting ,knowledgeable topic or subject. (For Ex. Green House Effect, Engineering vs Medical in the context of Nepal etc.) Article should be relevent to the time and context of Nepal and should not copied from anywhere else. We will pay minimum of Rs. 50 (Fifty rupees Only) and maximum of Rs. 5000(five thousands only) for each article. The amount of payment will be decided by Aammui Group, and It will be the final decision.

2. Answer the asked Question

Here Any one can sign up and ask question to Anyone can answer those question, you will be paid for your answer if your answer is selected as best answer. Best answer will be selected by Aammui Team and the Aammui Team's decision will be the final decision. Each best answer will be awarded by Rs. 50 (fifty only). Note: Not every question will be the valid question, valid question The validity of question will be decided by aammui Team. Aaammui Group will not pay for invalid or nonsense question.